Statistics – Long-term Care Insurance


I have discovered that getting good statistics on long-term care is equally as difficult as getting them for disability. After reading the New York Times article on disability statistics, I couldn’t help thinking that there might be the same problems with what was being said to encourage people to buy long-term care insurance. I made some inquiries and today I got a 137-page report on the subject from the Society of Actuaries.

I intend to read it this weekend. I’ll report back next week with my conclusions.

This is especially important to me because I am in the process of buying long-term care insurance for my wife and myself. As many of you may know, I have been an advocate of this insurance. Now I’ll be forced to reexamine my thoughts on the matter.

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2 Responses to “Statistics – Long-term Care Insurance”

  1. Harvey Andruss Says:


    Which one are you referring to? I downloaded the “Intercompany Study” from 1984 to 2004 and it’s 123 pages Also the 29 page 2007 study on lapse rates Another 43 pager on morbidity rates and LTCi Finally on transfer between settings for LTC (at home to skilled nursing and back)

    Thanks for tweeting this.

    Harv @ltci_advisor

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